Private Label Classroom

Part 5: Breakdown Lesson by Lesson

Each ”phase“ is split up into modules of between about 10-20 video lessons. 

We've tested the Beta version, starting with the 1st 16 modules complete. The course YOU will access will have the complete course of 18 modules  ready for you .

Here is the breakdown Module by Module, and Lesson by Lesson:

(we will update this as the modules and lessons are completed over the next few weeks). 


​   Module 1 - Introduction

        Welcome & What to Expect
       The Big Picture - Why eCommerce & Amazon are HOT
       How to Approach this Course
      Course Overview & Timescales

     Module 2 - Business Setup

Intro To Module
Intro to Business Setup
Legal Entity - Sole Trader Vs Ltd. Company
How To Form A UK Ltd. Company
Banking Setup
Preparing To Set Up Seller Central
Seller Central Setup UK
Seller Central FAQs
Amazon Europe Vs Amazon USA
Wrap Up Of Business Setup

Phase Zero - Amazon Basics 
    Module 3 - Learning the Basics via Retail Arbitrage

      Intro to module - Amazon Basics 

     Overview of the Module - SOURCE > LIST > SHIP

    SOURCE - Simple Retail Arbitrage (Home or local shops)

     Simple product cost tracking hack

     LIST using Amazon Smartphone App

     LIST - checking profitability


     LIST - setting up FBA listing

     LIST - Checking Listing-Item Match & Setting up FBM listing

     The order from the customer perspective

     Fulfilling an FBM Order From within Seller Central

     SHIP - FBA Overview

    Inbound Shipping 1

    Inbound Shipping 2 - FNSKU labels

    Inbound Shipping 3

   Inbound Shipping 4 - Shipping Labels


   Bookkeeping Basics

   Summary of Amazon Basics

   Wrapup of Amazon Basics Phase

Phase 1 - SELL (Market test Generic product)

         Module 4 - NICHE Research Part 1

  • Introduction to Phase 1
  •  Overview of Phase 1
  •  Introduction to NICHE
  • Product Idea Creation
  • Product Idea Creation (PIC) Overview
  • PIC Brainstorm/Manual overview
  • PIC Manual 1 - Person & Pain
  • PIC Manual 2 - Products Ideas
  •  Product Idea Creation using Google


  • Relationship Person + Pain - Keywords
  • Keyword structure - long and short tail
  • The Amazon Algorithm 1 - What is it? Why does it exist?

 Module 5 - Product Idea Elimination

  • Product Idea Elimination (PIE) -overview
  • Budget & Product Selection
  • PIE - scanning many keyword niches with Jungle Scout
  • PIE using JS - First Pass
  • PIE - Demand and Demand Depth/Brand Dominance
  • PIE - Price & Price/Revenue relationship
  • PIE - Reviews & Initial Y/N Decision
  • PIE in depth Analysis overview
  • PIE In-depth: Photos
  • PIE in-depth: Reviews
  • PIE In depth: Reviews - EXAMPLE
  • PIE in-depth: Text

Other tools for sourcing (Optional)

  • Reverse ASIN search Part 1 (Keyword Inspector)
  • Reverse ASIN searches Part 2 (Keyword Inspector)
  • Viral Launch- Product Discovery - Product Tool
  • Example of verifying market from Market Intelligence
  • Viral Launch- Product Discovery - Keyword Tool
  • Viral Launch- Product Discovery - Category Tool
  • Wrapup of Step 1 NICHE

Module 6 - SOURCE Generic Products

  • Sourcing Intro
  • Review of where we are in Phase 1
  • Sourcing Overview
  • Preparing to source overview
  • Example of "Sanity Check" and Research Review
  • Key Concept: Total Landed Cost (TLC)
  • "Keystone" & setting target buy price
  • Keystone Buy Price Setting EXAMPLE
  • Rule of Thumb for Air Express Freight Costs
  • China Vs. Europe or USA
  • Brexit & China
  • Trump vs. China
  • Sourcing Nuts & Bolts
  • Overview of China Sourcing - slide deck
  • Overview of timescales - slide deck
  • Sourcing Basic Terms & Rules of Thumb
  • Alibaba Sourcing Overview
  • Alibaba Basics - screenshare @RS to do
  • Alibaba - search and listings - screenshare @RS to do
  •  Alibaba -Initial Contact with potential suppliers
  • Filter & Eliminate Suppliers
  •  Alibaba - ordering samples - slidedeck
  •  Receiving & reviewing samples - slidedeck @RS to do
  • Shortlisting  suppliers
  • Prep centres (USA only)

Module 7 Preparing to Negotiate  & Projecting Profit & Loss

  • "Yes, we can!" - Your Attitude in sourcing
  • How to Handle yourself as a New Entrepreneur

Preparing to Negotiate - Run the Numbers!

  • Prelude to Negotation - Overview
  • Projected Accounts: Why we do them & why that matters

Profit & Loss Projection for the whole business

  • Profit and Loss Overview - Direct vs. Indirect costs
  • Profit & Loss WHOLE BUSINESS (including overheads) overview 
  • Profit & Loss Whole Business - BREAKDOWN

Projecting Gross Profit by Product Order

  • How to use the Profit & Loss Sheet to prepare for negotiation & decisions
  • P & L projection: setting Exchange rate, order size, sales price
  • Profit and loss projection: Total Landed Costs
  • Profit & Loss projection: Amazon costs
  • P & L projection: "Draft" Amazon Inbound Shipping Plan
  • Draft Amazon Inbound Shipment
  • One-off upfront costs/investments
  • Costs except Ads and Pre-Ads Gross Profit
  • Amazon Ads cost & Advertising to Sales Ratio
  • Gross Profit Margin (including ad spend)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) - Growing your Capital FAST
  • Breakeven price - a CRITICAL (and under-used) metric
  • Revised target buy cost - your Negotiation Tool
  • Review of the Sourcing module
  • Wrapup of sourcing module

Module 8 - Ordering from China


To order or not to order?

  • Decision time: how to decide whether to order
  • Using P & L to decide about ordering
  • Other factors in your decision to order
  • Ordering quick preview
  • preparing to talk to the factory about proceeding - slide deck
  • Negotiation Basics
  • Supply Chain to USA
  • Incoterms &  Freight options
  • Placing your order - slide deck
  • What to do while you're waiting for your order
  • Arrival day
  • Sea freight

Phase 2 - SELL (Source Private Label Products – Full Launch)



  1. Not only do we cover the big picture/philosophy. We are all about giving you ALL the details you need, starting from SCRATCH. We aim to have (almost) no unfilled gaps in what you need to know.  
  2. You don't need to follow Phases or modules you already have experience with. If you've already sold on Amazon, for example, and have an existing company, you can skip on to Phase 1. 
  3. All of the content is battle-tested by me, by my business partner, Rob Sleath, and by over 50 mentoring and mastermind clients over 2 years. Plus the strategies and tactics are continually updated with reference to our network of Amazon power (over $100K/month) sellers; and of course with my contacts with Amazon experts via the podcast. 
  4. We've worked very hard to get it in the right order initially. By the time you get the course, we will have also just taken on board multiple suggestions and tweaks from our Beta testers. 
  5. We'll keep updating it to adjust to changing reality. The good news there is: no further charge. If you buy now, you get access to all changes in future.