Private Label Training

Part 3: How we've Baked our Philosophy into a Process for You

How we've structured our course

So: I didn't want to create a Linear BS courses that is so simplistic it's adrift from reality.
Instead of that, we've baked learning by doing into our course.  

We've create a 3-level hierarchy:
Phases- Modules - Lessons
Sounds scary, right? 
Not really in practice. Here's how it works:

In order to facilitate learning by doing, we’ve split the course into

Four basic “Phases”:  
That basically means that each phase is a big "PDR" loop. Let me explain: 

Preview: Watch videos, check PDFs etc. to make bite-sized action plans
Dtake immediate action & implement what you just learned
Review At the end of each phase, look back at what you've done - what worked? What needs tweaking? What to abandon?

This is the basis of all learning. 
We've baked it in. 

In the main action phases - Phase 1 & Phase 2 - it's based around NICHE-SOURCE-LAUNCH-LEARN as the main action steps. 

Here are the phases: (we'll go into detail in the next page if you want that). 

Private Label Course

Each Phase is broken into several modules. The Prelude And Phase Zero are simpler, so have fewer modules. 

Each Module in turn is split into multiple lessons

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Each lesson has its own web page, with a video lesson and often downloadable files (mostly PDFs, with the odd Excel spreadsheet). 

That’s how the course hierarchy works. Pretty simple. Maybe a little more involved than standard courses, but the philosophy of the course is baked in. 


  1. Forget linear. Real life goes in feedback loops.  Good training should do the same. 
  2. The "Phase" thinking acknowledges that we are as much in the business of becoming entrepreneurs as we are building a business. 
    Common sense says you need experience and skill to succeed. Humility says you acknowledge the truth about yourself first: you don't know enough yet. Solution: learn in waves. Baby steps. Walking. THEN running. 
  3. Modules are not magic. The magic comes from modelling the best, then implementing (taking action). Then reflecting on the action and adjusting your next plan. Iterate, implement, iterate. It's real sweat but it gives real results.