Part 2: How our Training is Structured, & What that Means to YOU

Part 2: How our training is structured and Why that matters to you 

This course is divided up in a different way to your average Amazon course.

The problem with most courses is that they are linear.
It makes for nice simple courses. Easy to sell. Easier to sell. (as we just explored).
Trouble is, the market didn't get the memo. Reality doesn't work that neatly. 
Our approach is different. 

As the picture above implies, the missing element in other courses is a FEEDBACK loop. 
It's known as Learning from Experience. 
It’s all based on what we call the PDR virtuous circle (I’ll explain below).

The bad news? 

On first glance, it may look more complex. 
AND This is only part of the picture (we'll give you chapter and verse on the next couple of pages, if you wish).

Oooh...complex. Not "simple". 

Not "8 Steps to Heaven".
Thing works. 
Simplistic doesn't - at least, you may get lucky once - but hope is not a strategy (as they apparently say in the Marines).

In reality, I’ve found it’s quicker, safer and more satisfying to build a business this way. You just need to take a moment to get your head round it. 

The structure of the course is a direct outgrowth of our primary philosophy. To sum it up in one word: 

Iterate (OED definition here)

To put it another way: Learn by Doing. 

Model the Best - AND Internalise (aka "Really Learn")

Of course, there is no point reinventing the wheel, (unless you take some kind of perverse pleasure in such things - in which case, I guess it’s “Goodbye and good luck!”)

That is really “pure” learning by doing. I must say I know some successful entrepreneurs in the Amazon space who did this. 

I just think you might as well skip some easily skippable pain!

For that reason, we really do believe in starting by modelling the best. 

That’s intelligent. 

Don't hand your life over to a "Guru"

However, we emphatically do not believe in putting all your faith passively in a “guru“

That’s bad for several reasons:

1. You’re putting your brain on hold. That’s possibly the worst possible thing here.  Your #1 job is to develop yourself as an entrepreneur.  

 2. You’re likely to end up stuck in the “learn- try - learn - worry” loop. 

That’s not going to make you rich, nor is it even going to teach you how to build a business. 

3. You’re putting the responsibility for success or failure on the head of the guru. You’re forgetting the best part of being an entrepreneur - you’re in charge. 

4. You’re learning to depend on someone’s word. As opposed to getting feedback from the market. 

The market (i.e., people who may - or may not - buy your products at a profitable price) is who you ultimately have to listen to. 

So we try to get you interacting with them as soon as possible. 

Who's responsible?

 By the way, let’s deal with responsibilty and training: 

Putting responsibility on the guru for your business success  might, on the face of it, seem very reasonable.

And I would absolutely agree that I, as an educator and coach, have a duty to put across the best, most battle-tested training I can possibly give you. To be honest. To give you all the nuts and bolts you need and not gloss over things. 

I hear you. That’s what I’ve been sweating to do for you. That’s what I’ll continue to obsess over. 

That, in other words, is my responsibility. 

However. While your trainer is responsible for the quality of training, you’re responsible for your business. From Day One. 

YOU are In Charge - from Day One

Now, “responsible” isn’t a fun, exciting word. It gets a bad rep by being associated with nasty things. Like your teachers from school days. Like an argument with your wife or husband (or back in the day - your mum). Like (God forbid) lawyers. 

How about “In Charge”?

You’re in charge of your learning. 

You’re in charge of your business. 

Isn’t that better?

We aim to give you the Process to develop as an entrepreneur as quickly as possible; while at the same time, minimizing risk. 

By the way, that’s the “PDR” process I mentioned earlier. 

Preview - Do - Review. 

In other words: Model what works; then take action (that’s the bit most people skip, by the way); then review and adjust. 

It’s extremely simple - on paper. 

Turns out that, in practice, baking it into a video course is a bit trickier. 

That’s what we’ve been beavering away at here! 

That is the secret sauce behind the whole process here. 

And that is what drives the structure of the course. 

Let’s dive in… (hit CONTINUE to get how our course bakes our philosophy into your process)


  1. Linear business creation processes look attractively simple. Only one problem: that's not how life works. Thus, such a course is not a good roadmap for navigating in reality. All maps are a simplification of the territory. That's fine; in fact, it's vital. But you need to be able to use them to move in reality. 
  2. A course that bakes in feedback and learning loops is always going to look a little more complex at first glance. That's okay. We aren't trying to sell to people who are easily put off by a little mental effort (someone else can sell to those. There's no shortage. One born every minute, remember. We prefer to serve that  rarer being: a real - if still budding -  entrepreneur).
  3. Those who hand their brains over to a Guru (one a minute, folks) are, in my real-life experience, simply unlikely to succeed. Not passing judgement on them either. But do you really want to join them? Responsibility can be a bit of a bind at times, sure. Welcome to life. But I can tell you for free: being in charge, of my business and life, is so important to me - and to every true entrepreneur I know. If the price of that is a bit of mental work and some sweat, I'll pay every time. You may feel the same.
  4. We've baked this philosophy into our process - and everything we do around here. 

NOTE: I’m not saying we’ve cracked the art of perfectly functioning course technology and communication yet!  Hence this Beta launch. I’d ask you for understanding on that. 

Like you, we are on a learning curve. 
Unlike you, however, the learning curve is not with Amazon or Private Label - just with online courses. 
Fortunately we have 6 collective years' Private Label experience . And two years of honing this  process live, whether one-to-one or in groups. The process is tried and tested. Bear with us with the odd technical or communications glitch and you'll get a wealth of process.