Amazon Mentor Case study

John Timoney

Amazon Consultant

Tess Freeman

“ Thanks so much for your time earlier Michael, I really appreciate it. I already feel like I’m getting great value from these sessions with you... 

You're helping me to take a step back and break those items down into meaningful and digestible tasks - I’m getting clarity where there hasn’t been any before. Being too close to issues, challenges and problems, I find that I relentlessly wrestle with things, without necessarily fixing them properly, because I’m too overwhelmed with everything that I need to doSo ... thanks again!"

John T, Mentoring Client 

"Michael...thank you for a really useful session; it's so helpful to do the big picture vision stuff with you - as well as go through the detail...the masterminds...are always incredibly helpful as well.

I think your training will be excellent, to fill a huge void in the UK for decent Amazon education - with a healthy dose of realism, integrity and practicality. In line with your podcast strategy...Thanks again. Tess"

Tess Freeman, Mentoring Client & Zero to Hero Mastermind Member

Amazon Course

Kevin Lew

"As a beginner on my FBA journey I have found the PLP course to be a great guide by making those initial steps towards creating an Amazon business look a lot less daunting.

It's a lot to take in but the information is presented in a logical structured order broken down into well explained digestable video segments.

I'm confident that if  take the action taught on the course I can achieve my goal of becoming an Amazon seller."

Kevin Lew, PLP Course Beta Tester

What do I do next?

The cart is now CLOSED for the PLP Course while we refresh, revamp and simplify the course contents.

Following user requests, we are going to split it into smaller courses for easier absorption, faster implementation and better value for money!

We'll be relaunching these courses over Q1, 2 ,3 and Q4 of 2022. 

If you want to get access when it reopens, including VIP bonuses (like coaching), please sign up for our VIP Relaunch List.

"Are you a member, sir?"

You’ve now reached that moment where the porter at the exclusive club lets you in (you know the kind - slightly raised eyebrows? Better dressed than you are, even if you’re in your best suit…)

Hopefully all the work I’ve done on the podcast, with all the experts I’ve interviewed, has been enough for you to internalize what I’ve said and what I’ve shown you. 

Enough real-world insights and info to go and do this yourself if you’re willing to experiment a bit (and of course, fail at bit).

 Some people like the rough-and-tumble  experience of figuring the details out for themselves. 

 If you’re one of those people, I’m delightedI wish you the best of luck with your Amazon journey.

You’ll notice that you  didn’t NEED to wait to watch four launch-videos to play out over two weeks. 

(Thank Goodness). 

So far everything has been rigged in your favour. Just like I teach.

I try to give value upfront.  Lots of value (hell, we’ve passed 750 episodes of podcast content, including well over 500 expert interviews - all free). 

 Demonstrate value first, then ask for a commitment later (but only to those people who are the right fit). 

That’s my philosophy. 

Of course, there’s stuff you don’t know yet. The Private Label Process  is a big course (well over 300 videos recorded so far, and 20 modules)

If you’re wondering if the Private Label Process will even work for your unique situation:

That depends on your situation. 

If you don’t have at least £5000 ($6000+ USD) available for the first 6-12 months of business;

If you can’t dedicate at least the next 6 months (preferably a year) to building your business; 

If you can’t consistently give 15-20+ hours a week…

Then I advise you to walk away. 

Nice knowing you, and no hard feelings. Stick around and dream big by listening to the podcast. 


If you have at least $6000 you can set aside for the next 12 months; 

If you’re willing and able (don’t skip this!) to dedicate 6-12 months to buildling a business;

AND if you can consistently put in 10-20 hours a week…

... congratulations. You're eligible for club membership.

I’ve operated in various ecommerce niches myself — both as an affiliate, and digital product owner — powered by a version of the Private Label Process.

And I’ve helped over 50 clients across the board over 2 years of mentoring & mastermind work. 

 Below are just some of these niche markets:

  • Baby 
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Supplements
  • Men’s grooming
  • Pet supplies
  • Travel accessories
  • Home Décor
  • Toys

There are hundreds, probably thousands more niches this will work for . 

The Private Label Process has been my primary workhorse method for building Amazon businesses both for myself, with my business partner, and for all those mentoring and mastermind clients for well over 3 years. 

While Amazon is constantly mutating (and we’ll continually update the course - more on that later), the basic principles will continue to work in ecommerce for the next 3-5 years as well. 

This isn’t a course about loopholes. Where we find them, we’ll share them of course. And of course, we'll update the course thoroughly every few months to keep track of the latest Amazon state of play. 

But it’s not a tactics-centric approach.

It’s a strategic customer-centric system that works to create a long-term capital growth engine (aka a business), no matter what background you come from, or what niche you’re considering. 

(So long as you have a customer-centric marketing mentality, with the imagination to consider humans before products and the discipline to dive deep into what they really want)

Each Module (of 20) in turn is split into multiple lessons

Each lesson (there are over 300) has its own web page, with a video lesson and often downloadable files (mostly PDFs, with the odd Excel spreadsheet). 

That’s how the course hierarchy works. Pretty simple. Maybe a little more involved than standard courses, sure. But the philosophy of our approach (learning by doing) is baked in. Bottom line? It works better.  

Rebuild and Relaunch Summer 2020

The PLP course is incredibly thorough, which means you get the answers you need in one place. Plus great value for money. That said, the course has proved a little too much to absorb for some members.

Also, since the course was recorded,  a few elements need refreshing (although our business model has stood the test of time remarkably well, in such a fast-changing environment). 

For those reasons, we are currently simplifying and rebuilding the course.

It is not currently available to the public for the same reason.

We are splitting the course into 4 more easily absorbable courses, for your speed and ease.

We will relaunch these  Courses over the course of 2022.  

If you want early access to the rebuilt courses,  just sign up for the VIP list below.  

What do I do next?

The cart is now CLOSED for the PLP Course. 

If you want to get access when it reopens, including VIP bonuses (like coaching), please sign up for our VIP Relaunch List.

Michael Veazey

Michael Veazey


Below are some of the most common questions we’ve received so far:

QUESTION: Can I combine the PLP (Private Label Process) &  Mentoring?

ANSWER: Yes and no.

 I would highly recommend it if you're serious. There is no substitute for having a business coach/mentor (I just signed up myself to a 6-month programme with a new coach who is transforming my business).

For that reason, we are actually including the PLP course membership FREE in our full mentoring package (4X60 minute sessions per month).

That said, I will only work with people who are action-takers.

If that includes you, or will include you soon, please check out the mentoring page.  

You can apply online there for the programme. 

The number of mentoring places is strictly limited (it's my personal time, so it's not scalable). So you may need to go on a waiting list even if you otherwise qualify.  

I'm not trying to seem unfriendly - on the contrary, I want to help you but only if it's great value for you. It's too expensive for you to just drift along and pay that much. I insist that you get a Return on your Investment in mentoring, and that can only happen when you either have turnover, or are on the verge of turnover. 

If you have any initial  questions that need answering before you apply - AND you've read the mentoring FAQs page first, please email and  we'll be happy to answer your questions. 

QUESTION: What’s the difference between PLP (Private Label Process)& Masterminds?

ANSWER: Simple. PLP is an online-only course. Masterminds involve live interaction, whether in person or online. 

PLP is self-directed learning. That said, it is by far the more structured learning. Perfect for absolute beginners in the Amazon or ecommerce space. Or even beginners with online business.

I currently no longer offer masterminds for beginners without revenue as I can serve them better by mentoring them one-to-one. I'm happy to reconsider this if demand is high.

If you're doing over £25K/month revenue, you may be eligible for the 10K Collective Mastermind

QUESTION: Can I combine the PLP (Private Label Process)& Masterminds?

ANSWER: I've currently put a stop to the  masterminds for those without revenue or making under $10K/month. I believe I can guarantee quality and serve you better with one-to-one mentoring.

If we can find the right format in future, I'll reopen them.  Probably in the form of training rather than a round-table format. 

If you feel passionately about masterminds, email us. If enough people are serious, I'll reopen the early-stages masterminds. 

QUESTION: Which  should I invest in first, PLP course or Mentoring?

ANSWER: PLP is the new “front-end” engine — it gives you the whole business process in a very structured way.

It covers the whole process, from setting up a company, getting your first sales online, through choosing your first product niche,  to sourcing great products, and how to launch both generic and Private Label products. 

It’s how you get the process started. 

The Mentoring is the “back-end” engine —it helps you implement  your training.

What to do when; a reality check on your niche choice; feedback on your supplier choice; refinement of your launch strategy; etc. 

As to which type of training you should invest in FIRST?

That depends on where you see the most significant opportunity for leverage right now.

If you already have products on order, are about to launch, then mentoring is probably a very sound investment right now. If you have a product in Amazon and are struggling to find your best second product, then again, I would apply for Mentoring first.

However, if your niche research or sourcing  quality is low and too vague, then PLP is probably the better leverage point to focus on first. 

QUESTION: Will PLP teach me how to find a market/niche/audience?


PLP does not  require that you already have an audience that you attract and serve.

That said, you will  be asked to use your imagination and (God forbid) draw on your own experience and interests. 

If you want to play on the same turf as the Chinese factories and just chase the immediate trends and numbers, good luck. It requires a lot of capital and preferably living in China. Those don't normally apply to our clients. For that reason, we don't teach that approach. If that's what you're looking, I'm afraid we can't help you. 

QUESTION: Do PLP and Mentoring overlap?

ANSWER: Yes and no.

No in the sense that they work in different ways. One (PLP) is a step-by-step ultra structured business building process. 

The other (mentoring)  is there to respond to whatever roadblocks you bring. We can tailor it to whatever you need. 

Yes,  in the sense that they’re both built on top of an underlying philosophy that shapes how we choose to do business (including learning by doing).

In practice, if you want to combine the two and are at an early stage in business building, we will base our mentoring work around the Private Label Process. 

QUESTION: What is the format of PLP?

ANSWER: 90% of the training is video lessons. 

There are also many downloadable companion files, including: 

  • Profit and Loss projection spreadsheet
  • Sourcing checklists.
  • NOTE: None of the material or videos above are available for purchase anywhere on the internet. These are unique to the PLP course.

QUESTION: Can I pay with Paypal?

ANSWER:  Yes, you can pay either with Paypal or with a debit or credit card (via our Stripe integration- which is 100% secure). 

QUESTION: Do you accept currencies apart from GBP (Pounds Sterling)?

ANSWER:  Yes. If you're outside the UK, you can pay with whatever currency you like;  it will be converted to pounds on Amazing FBA's end. 

By the way, given the currency exchange between the pound and every major currency out there - including US Dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars (even including less common ones like New Zealand Dollars) , that means we represent excellent value compared to courses (the vast majority) that charge in $US dollars!

QUESTION: I am still interested in the course, however I have already set up a Limited company and have sold a few items on Amazon. Now I am ready to go to FBA and private labelling. Is this an issue?

ANSWERWe have to cater to all comers from raw beginner onwards. The first parts of the course deal with company setup and other preludes to business activity; (that's the PRELUDE phase); and then the "PHASE ZERO" deals with learning Amazon basic level skills via Retail Arbitrage. 

If you’ve already set up the company and done a bit of RA, that’s cool. Just skip the action steps.

I suggest it IS probably worth going through the content just to check you didn’t leave any nasty surprises for yourself for the future. 

Private Label is the absolute focus and outcome of the course, so you’re in the right place. So once you’ve double checked your company and other introductory stuff, you can just plunge into PHASE ONE and get cracking!