Zero to hero Application - Amazing FBA - Expert Info for British Amazon Sellers

This group IS for:

  • People wanting to Private Label on Amazon
  • People who have no product selling on Amazon yet, but are working hard to make that happen. 
  • People who are just in the early stages of selling on Amazon but don't have much turnover yet
  • People who know it takes time to build a business before sales start coming in - and more time until you can start to take money out.

This group is NOT for:

  • Focus on Retail Arbitrage or Wholesale etc. (but we may use both as training vehicles and ways to find good Private Label products)
  • People who want to "replace the day job within 3 months" (HINT: they've been sold a pipe-dream)
  • Flaky people: people who say they'll do things - then duck out at the last moment.


And now for more brutal honesty:

You'll be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Non-Compete Agreement (NCA).

You'll be expected to share your results in physical meetings (once you've got to know and trust the other members) 

(Just as fellow members will be expected to share honestly with you.)​

If you have less than £3000 for inventory, we can't have you in the group​ - your chances of success are too low. Sorry!

​You'll need to be willing to subscribe for £97 a month. While you can cancel at any time, I'm not looking for a one-night stand. I want a relationship! We are building a great team of people - we want you to be part of it.

Ready to apply?

Here’s How It Works

First, you’ll need to enter your REAL email address below. Then you’ll be taken to an application where I ask you all sorts of invasive questions about your business. OK – they’re not that invasive. I’m just really trying to weed out the “tyre kickers” here.

What happens next - usually, on the basis of this written application, we can assess whether it's a good fit for you, the group and me. If so, you'll find out immediately. And if it's a good fit, you'll be taken straight to the page to subscribe.

 If it's borderline, we may schedule a chat with Michael via Skype or phone to see if we really are a good match.
Nobody will pressure you or hassle you. If you want in, great. If not, no problem. We’re cool either way.

I’m only looking for high-calibre people to join the Zero-to-Hero Mastermind. I’ll review applications on a first come, first-serve basis.

OK, Here's the first step...