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The UK’s Most Honest Amazon FBA Strategy

This is the most important page on this website.

Please read this entire page because I’m going to give you the truth right up front.  And after you read this, please take a moment and really think about what it means.

This is the crucial difference between what we do and what it seems everyone else does, and it is why people who follow this approach make more Profit than most other internet marketers.

It can work for you too.  I know this because I made $20,000 of profitable sales within my first 6 months on Amazon, and went on to $15,000 a month of profitable sales from December 2015.

Over 35,000 Podcast Downloads since September 2015 mean thousands of UK based Amazon Entrepreneurs have been hearing these home truths from genuine Amazon experts.

Since March 2016, I’ve been interviewing Amazon Power Sellers like Will Tjernlund, Greg Mercer (of Jungle Scout), Anthony Lee, Kevin King, Ryan Bredemeyer (of Hello Profit). 

  Over 400 Amazon Entrepreneurs and Listeners are in are in the Facebook Group, asking Questions, getting Answers, daily.

Not everyone is a millionaire yet, but those who are diligently following through – with Daily Work -(two dirty words there, sorry) are getting the results.

Since April 2016, I’ve been mentoring people one-to-one, where the strategies are starting to bear fruit.

I can’t magically change around poor upfront product choices that some people have made before they come to me – but for those starting on a new product or revising their choices before placing an order, I can really turn things around for them.

Ok, here goes … that Truth:

I  don’t—repeat, DON’T—go around saying that you can get into a Private Label product business with $1000. 

That may have been true – kind of – back in the distant past…of Spring 2014. But it just isn’t true now.

Sorry to burst your bubble. 

I know there are people promising you that it’s possible. Might they  be the same people wanting to charge you £3000 for a one-weekend course?

(In which you’ll magically go from ignorant to entrepreneur in 3 pain-free days).

I’ll leave you to work out the implications…

Good news is that you can get started for a reasonable sum.

But just be prepared to get into business for real.

Maybe $5000=£3500 or so is a realistic minimum.

Don’t forget though – if you sell successfully, you’ll need to reorder stock before it runs out – so leave plenty of money on one side to do that!

Not my advice – it’s Will Tjernlund’s advice. Will is an  Amazon Power Seller and one of the many amazing guests I’ve had the privilege of interviewing for the podcast. 

£500 in the bank? My advice – try Retail Arbitrage to get your feet wet with Amazon systems;  or do some Consulting work to bring in cash (I do it, I’m upfront about that).

Or – as none less than Will says – why not work for a successful Amazon Seller and learn the ropes at someone else’s financial risk?

I’m sorry to say that  I also DON’T suggest that you get obsessed with Sales figures in the Land of The Free (that’s Amuricah, to you and me…).

Sure, you have a huge market there with great demand – but newsflash – there are lots of sellers there too! (AKA your competition).

Of course, you can make great sales AND great profits – but let’s be sure we measure what matters first. How does it go? Oh yeah…

“Sales are Vanity; Profit is Sanity”

So by all means look at the big sales volume markets – but here’s a rule of thumb: the more demand, the more competition.

The more competition, the more you’ll have to spend upfront to gain significant market share, and the more you’ll need to continue spending to keep it.

Does that mean it can’t be done? Of course not. I have a friend and fellow Amazon entrepreneur who breaks into top 100 BSR products in the USA. There is huge money to be made.

But…reality check…it could cost you over $10,000 in giveaways alone to get to the top of page one!

Why not go into a fight you can win?

Nothing wrong with ambition. But how about…walk before you run? Or, if you have deep pockets, dive in, splash the cash and see what results.

But don’t dive into a pool of power sellers with a couple of grand in your pocket and expect to surface above page 15…List your product and…crickets…(I think I over extended the diving metaphor but you get the idea).

The good news is that you can quite your day job, increase your personal income and grow a profitable business. It just is going to take Real Time and Real Money to do so.

While we’re at it,  I’m afraid I’m not going to kid you that Business Profits are the same as Your Personal Income from the business.

Think about it. We all want our businesses to grow, right?

A lot of us also want (it seems from my conversations and the chat on the Facebook Group) to quit our day jobs and replace the income.

All doable, for sure. But hold on tiger.

Thing is, if you take all the profit out of your business to live on…what money is your business going to use to grow?…


Embarrassing, isn’t it? Kind of obvious when you think it through- yet, I don’t see the gurus out there making this clear to anyone.

Sorry, it’s not always fun being the bearer of truth, but I think you need to know about it before you go into something with frankly incorrect thinking that can only lead to disappointment.

I’ll explain the contrast with a recent example I was working recently with a mentee who said they wanted to get their business doing £2000 a month profit so that they could quit the day job.

So they had calculated at 20% profit margin, they could do that with £10,000 a month in sales.

I was silent for a moment, then I said “Okay, let’s crunch some figures”

The first point is, income doesn’t equal profit. If you remove all the profit from a business, it can’t grow. And at £10,000 a month, it’s a mere baby of a business.

So you’ll probably want to limit income to max 50% of profits. That’s higher than I’d want but maybe you need the income.

Okay. So now we are looking at £20,000 a month in sales, in order to take out £2000 a month in personal income.

Sobering? Maybe. 

Truth? Absolutely. 

Do-able? Absolutely. No problem.

But let’s start from a point of Truth and Clear-minded thinking and then we’ll get ahead quicker than with a load of hype and BS.

If you’re interested, I want to show you behind the curtain on how I approach Amazon marketing from a strategic level.

And how I rig systems to achieve results like I’ve mentioned on this page.

First, I’m going to bribe you. (I know, shocking, but it’s an ethical bribe, I promise ;-)) 

I know that if you’re just starting out, it feels like the tactical issues are the big ones. So I’ve created a series of 6 How-to videos breaking down some basic things that you’ll need to be able to do, including:

Setting up an Amazon Seller Central Account

Listing a Product on Amazon

Creating a Shipping Plan (to get your products to Amazon in the first place)

Creating a Promo Code

Setting up Amazon Ads

Creating an email List (with aWeber and LeadPages)

As we get further into it, though, I’m going to diagnose in more detail where your own biggest issue is in your own Amazon business, and give you tailored solutions.

To go further into the Wonderland, pop in your name and email below, and click the button. And see how deep the rabbit hole goes…

EARNING DISCLAIMER: On this page I reveal some of the results I’ve achieved by building very successful Amazon Sales. And I hint that my Readers & Listeners, my Mastermind Members and my Mentees are also achieving similar levels of success from using my system and methodologies. Totaled up, these figures are in the hundreds of thousands.

Please understand that I am absolutely NOT implying that these results are typical and that you’ll match them. Such a claim would be ridiculous—especially considering we’ve (probably) never met, and I don’t know your product, your business, your price-points, or anything else about what you do.

–Michael Veazey

Broadcaster of the Amazing FBA Podcast


Entering “Amazon Wonderland” may lead to side effects such as:

Building a profitable business; Customers  that love you; Money, Facebook Group fame, and Location Independent Living.

Just so you know.