Thank you for booking a Skype screening interview $10k collective - Amazing FBA - Expert Info for British Amazon Sellers

Thank you for booking a Skype screening interview $10k collective

Our Call

I'm looking forward to our call. The purpose of the call is simply, and quickly, to complete the answer the question that your form started:  "Is this a good fit for both of us?" (and for the group)

In order to answer that for both of us, we are quickly going to cover the following questions:​

  • Why this Group? And why now?
  • 1. RESULTS
    • Where do you want to be in 12 months? What will your revenue and income look like?
  • 2. REALITY
    • Where are you now? Financially? Work life? Home life? Time/energy available?
    • What are the biggest 3 blocks to achieving the results you want? Which is the single biggest block?

    Looking forward to our call!



You may want to consider meeting me for a one-off face-to-face session. This can be a powerful boost to your business in one go. 

We will meet in Hampstead, a beautiful suburb of North London, and communicate with the freedom that only face-to-face can permit. 

What I can help you with...

  • NICHE RESEARCH: a structured process for finding profitable product niches.
  • Confused? Overwhelmed? We can get your clarity and cut to the important few.  
  • Worried whether your product choice is good? Get Confident on your choices. 
  • SOURCE: finding the right Supplier (in UK or China)
  • Dealing with product quality issues so you guarantee high quality products
  • Dealing with importing & paperwork for stress-free importing
  • LAUNCH: How to get sales, get reviews and TAKE OFF fast!
  • Keyword research & attracting shoppers
  • Creating Listings that CONVERT shoppers to sales
  • Getting Ranked for particular keywords - FAST
  • Getting reviews safely

This Service is NOT for:

  • People who cannot travel to North London to meet
  • People who need online 1-1 work

How to book...

1. Click on the apply button or link below

2. Wait for the next page to load fully.

3. Scroll down and find "IN PERSON Face-to-Face Consulting"

4. Click the blue "Book Now" button to the right of this.

5. Confirm your timezone.

6. Give at least 3 times and dates you can make

I'll then respond (usually within 24 business hours) and confirm the time and date

You'll then ​receive SMS and email reminders of our meeting.

CLICK HERE to book in a face-to-face Consultation