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Mentoring FAQs


Is mentoring the right thing for me now?

That depends! Coaching and Mentoring should help anyone with some initiative, focus  and energy to double or triple their initial investment in coaching.

However, this programme is not for serial seminar attenders or shiny object chasers! (Don’t feel too bad if you recognise yourself here, that was me for years…) It’s for those who are motivated action takers. I’ll need a little detail to know if that’s you.

Do you work with beginners/those in early stages?

Yes, the “Zero to Hero” programme is specifically for those who have Zero turnover so far and are ambitious to launch ASAP.

You will need to have:

  1. Enough money to start a private Label business (so at least $5000 for inventory as a  minimum PLUS a few hundred for overheads)
  2. Enough time to devote to it (minimum 15 hours a week)
  3. Willingness to devote a MINIMUM of 6 months to the business model.

As long it seems like a good fit (you’ll need to fill in a short questionnaire and have a short phone call with me to check that before we would work together), and I believe I can at least double your ROI in coaching, I’ll consider you.

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Amazon Mentoring with coffee!

Will you work with just anyone?

No. I don’t want to take your money if I don’t believe I can help you. If you have a shoestring budget, please spend it on stock – as long as you make use of the free training available to you (such as…on this website! and the podcast).

Also, if you are thinking of applying, you should know that I do need you to have done  at least these three things:

1. Read the About page;

2.  Listened to Minimum 2 Podcast Episodes (preferably more).

3. Joined the Facebook Group.

Why? It’s all about you – you need to know who you are dealing with, and whether I’m the right person to help you.

If you do the 3 actions above, I at least know that you know me, so can make an informed decision in your own best interests.

Here’s an Amazon business hint: If you don’t do due diligence (checks!) on product research and Suppliers, you won’t succeed! So it’s important if we are going to work together for me to know you are a  person who does their homework!

We will have a chance to talk on Skype if you get through the written application. At that point, you should clear up any remaining doubts you have. After that, only if both and I are 100% happy, should we be considering going ahead.

How many people do you mentor at one time?

Now I’ve got the mentoring processes more organised, I’m willing to have a  maximum of 7 mentees at any one time. This is a maximum, but only for the right people!  

Email me to ask more

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Generally, I open the programme up about 4 times a year. No guarantee of that obviously. But if you apply, and are accepted, I will get in touch to let you know when that happens.

Should I have mentoring?

If I’m not ready to work with you yet, can I apply in a few months’ time? 

By all means, wait if you feel it’s right for you – just know that I’ll be closing entry to personal 1-1 mentoring for beginners in about 12 months.

That’s simply because it is very time intensive and not scalable.

Do what is right for you in your business now. If you need to wait a few months and spend your money on inventory instead, go ahead.

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online mentoringWhat are the 3 basic components  of the programme ?

1. Zoom Screenshare/Call TWICE a month for 1 hour.

Value £250/month.

This can be in person if you prefer, in Hampstead, North London. I do not travel for this level of mentoring (the only time I’ll travel is for the £395 option of a full one-day one-to-one coaching session).

2. Reasonable Email Support. Value £60/month



What is the content of the calls?

While I will be responsive to where you’re at, broadly we will be following the tried and tested Zero to Hero System.  This broadly consists of 3 broad areas – Niche, Source and Launch- which we will work through in a logical and optimised sequence, to maximize your results and streamline your business launch process.


So how long is the mentoring programme for?

It is now a month-to-month rolling programme.

However,   From experience, I would suggest that’s a bare minimum you need to commit to a mentor or programme to get launched IF you work it full-time and have some luck.  (if we include February and the infamous Chinese New Year holidays, it may be at least one month more).

For the vast majority of people, 6-12 months is a more realistic timescale from idea to first sales.

Can you entice me with any extra bonuses?

Yes! You get access to a small but valuable collection of the key documents I use in my business, such as spreadsheets for checking profit and loss, supplier contact template emails, etc.

Also for now, you will get free access to “Zero to Hero” Mastermind meetings for as long as we are still working together. That includes a Physical meeting once a month in London, plus once a month group video accountability call.

Mentoring bonus documents

So will ongoing mentoring be at the same price as the 1st 6 months?

Yes, I’m happy to commit to that if you’re happy to commit to the process.

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Email me to ask more  

Should I invest in mentoring?

So much will it cost?

There is currently just one payment options.

A monthly susbcription of £250 a month. This does however include an obligation to provide a video and written testimonial within two moths of starting – providing of course you are happy with our work together!

That is for the TWO video (or in person) calls/month plus email support.


Can I afford Amazon mentoring?
Is this a good use of my money?

If you have a shoestring budget, then Please spend your money on inventory and Amazon Ads! However, if you have enough extra, coaching and mentoring has a long history of being a great investment.

Business coaching, if done right, could produce an ROI (Return on Investment) of anywhere from 100%- 400%. Will that be true for you? The honest answer is: that depends on whether it’s the right thing for you now, and if it is, whether you’re an action taker. That’s why I do my best to ensure there is a good fit before I work with you.

Michael Suit silver background 170 KBThat’s all folks!

Thanks for reading- have a think about it, but don’t think too long if you decide you are interested in working with me!

Any Questions not answered above?

Just Email me to ask more.

Otherwise, I wish you all the best with your Amazon Business!