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Struggling with Amazon Product Research, China Sourcing or Product Listing ?

I can help.

I’ve been selling on Amazon since December 2014 and mentoring since April 2016 . I’ve helped my mentees to earn an extra  $43,000  income or saved them even more money from avoiding poor product choices.

I’ve held their hands through  the following processes many many times now and helped them to:

1.Pick winning products,

2. Find great suppliers who are reliable, responsive and make quality products

3. Get their products imported safely

4. Launch and rank their product to be found by Amazon shoppers

5. Optimize their listing for better conversions -more profit, better ranking and quicker sales.

6.  Drive traffic profitably through Amazon ads, and weed out loss-making keywords.

7. Solve issues from Legal action to Amazon account suspension

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 Otherwise read on to answer some common questions.

What will we focus on?

It depends on where you’re at in your Amazon journey. I’m about to completely relaunch the Amazon mentoring programmes for you if you are looking for business coaching (from late November 2016).

Amazon Mentoring in progressAre you working and researching prior to launching your first product?

If  so, The “Zero to Hero” Mentoring Programme may be for you. 

This is for you if you are in the pre-launch phase with your Amazon business: maybe you have just done some product research, maybe you’ve already found a supplier. Either way, you’ve yet to press the go button. That’s good! Because mentoring (or business coaching) can help save you wasted money and months of frustration and help you choose a great product, a quality supplier and launch successfully.


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“I worked with Michael for a brief 2 months and although the mentorship was shorter lived than I would have liked, I got so much value from it.

The main reason I decided I would get a mentor was for accountability. I felt at times I was too relaxed in my approach and that was sometimes due to having little faith in my knowledge and needing some guidance. Straight away, Michael was able to fill me with confidence in his knowledge and skills in the Amazon business world. 

I received support when needed at very short notice via email, and also the Skype calls were immensely invaluable because of the real time responses, and also the ability to screen share so we could converse over exactly what was going on as opposed to taking notes from training and going back to implement it. 

The only thing I would change about my experience with Michael as my mentor would be that I would have started the relationship earlier and had it for longer. Lee Newburn PortraitUnfortunately I had to stop because of financial circumstances and a twist in my plan meaning I’m having to put my Amazon business on hold. 

Overall, Michael’s mentoring was one of my best decisions with my Amazon business, not only was it an investment in my business, but it was an investment in my personal development and continual learning”

Lee Newburn

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