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Why masterminds?

“Isolation is a Dream-Killer”

As online entrepreneurs, we spend way more time on our own than is healthy or motivating. It’s the unspoken downside of this business model.

So what format do your masterminds take?
By response to my listeners and members of the Facebook Group, I’ve developed two kinds. Click on the links below:

Physical London Mastermind (click title to find out more)

Physical Masterminds are the Gold Standard. Yes, they take time and hassle to get to. But nothing beats the connection you get face-to-face with serious Amazon sellers.

From Autumn 2016. Meeting in Central London.

To find out more, click here

Limited to 10 members until 2017.

Online Mastermind (click title to find out more)

Live outside the UK? USA, Canada based?
You’re who I created this for, based on responses from my Listeners and Facebook Group members.

Although you don’t get the intensity of face-to-face contact, you have the sheer convenience of meeting like-minded sellers without leaving your home or office!

From January 2017 on. Limited to just FOUR members.

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