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#64 Outsourcing for Amazon – Part 1

Episode#64 Outsourcing – getting started (Big Picture)


1. Business moving ahead when I’m not manually working on it

2. Feels good!

3. Difference in earning power

4. Learning to delegate and manage

5.  Forces you to structure processes and clarify outcomes for processes


1. Spare Cashflow

2. ASAP!

3. If you’re overwhelmed. Not by structure (what or how to do) but time famine and minutiae

4. Business getting stuck.

If you are getting stuck and overwhelmed, chances are you need more than VAs – you need a peer group and some input from others who have hit your problem and solved it. 

Best thing is a mastermind – there are many options, including the one I run ( more details here) – pick one and go for it, just be sure that you will get real input into your business though.


1. “I should do this” list

2. Things that are blocking business from moving forward,e.g., getting shortlists of potential products; getting lists of potential suppliers; 

3. Tasks that are needed to keep business moving – eg customer service emails and/or calls; checking inventory levels; checking amazon ads spend etc. 


2. Philippines $2-3 per hour va

3. Eastern Europe $3-5 oh va

4. India

5. USA

6. UK!


1. Students – $2-3+ an hour

2. Graduates with little experience $3+ an hour

3. Some experience ?

4. Specialists eg book keepers £30 ph Inc vat

5. Experts eg accountants £90 per hour Inc vat 






How much?

See above

Notes of caution

1. Never use the new hire for mission critical tasks – try them out first !

2. Cost per completed task is the correct metric, not just cost/hour

3. Get people on board before you really need them!

4. Try, clarify, buy! : Try tasks before you buy someone in to do them! Clarify process first. Then buy in outsourcers.

However, the act of outsourcing forces you to  clarify your business’s  processes!

5. Eliminate before delegate eg foolish product research that doesn’t move business forward; excessive email. 

6. Automate before delegate eg jungle scout rather than VAs (affiliate link)

7. Beware of ONE anything! eg One VA doing all your customer service- who then disappears. One supplier who ups their prices, or whose products have Quality Control issues. 

8. Delegate don’t abdicate – you’re always responsible for your business and all its actions.

You’re responsible for clarifying the task or role and structuring work clearly.

You’re responsible for monitoring progress and correcting course if needed (praising good work and deftly criticising to get best results while maintaining relationships with good quality outsourcers) .

Keep an eye on all automated and delegated tasks. 


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