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March 9, 2018

229 How to Sell Products on Amazon with Reed Menssa (Listing) Part 3 of 3

This will be the final installment of my interview with Reed Menssa where we tackle how to sell products on Amazon.

We’ve covered getting data and using social media off-Amazon. But if you’re selling a product, you must be on Amazon, and after all, that is the point of this podcast. So, we’ll be looking into how to sell products on Amazon.

Optimizing Listings

When it comes to how to sell on Amazon, the number one thing is great images. They have to communicate exactly what the customer is getting. Sometimes an iPhone isn’t good enough and you should consider getting a professional.


The number two item is indexing. Remember, Amazon is a search engine. They index individual terms and, rarely, word groups such as heavy duty-duty. If you can get the keywords ranked, then you can put them in any order and Amazon will still find you. The first five words of your title are very important so you’ll want to make sure you have high-quality keywords in the beginning of your title.

What Reed has found with his AZOptimizer software is that bullet points only index at about 80%. You have three bullets that are 100% indexed and two that don’t index at all. On the backend, however, you have two different spots that are going to index 100%. They are the subject matter and search term fields. You can use lower value keywords in the bullets, but make sure the top ones are in the title, subject and search term fields.

Getting Ranked

In order to rank high, you must be selling products. The traditional idea is to offer steep discounts in order to get customers to buy your product. While effective, it isn’t the best idea because you lose so much in those initial sales. An alternative is to use PPC. That way each sale is full-priced.


A really cool method that is likely to take off soon is to offer rebates. A rebate is basically a cheque you send out after the purchase. The way it works is that the customer buys the product at full-price because they’ve been enticed with this rebate. Then they go to the website to claim the rebate and get a cheque mailed to them. Now if you’re worried about violating Amazon’s ToS, don’t be. The creators of the service sat down with Amazon and Amazon had no issues. Since it’s off the platform they don’t care, plus they want people paying full price because they make more money.

Sponsored Ads

One of the biggest questions about how to sell on Amazon is trying to find the right keywords. If you’re in a competitive niche, look for the alternative keywords. Get to the first page for that keyword. It may not be the main keyword but it’s a good start. For example, instead of vitamin c serum, you may opt for vitamin c anti-inflammatory serum. It’s cheaper on PPC and you can niche down further with less competition.

Use exact match on PPC rather than broad. With broad match, you may be getting sales, but you never know what keywords you are selling for. Whereas exact match you can get the exact keywords that are converting allowing you to focus in on those.

Get in Touch

You can find all episodes with Reed as well as a special link to a special off from Reed at amazingfba.com/reed. He’s giving away his Product Differentiating Spreadsheet as well as AZOptimizer and AZAnalyzer with a free 14-day trial.

Watch How to Sell Products on Amazon with Reed Menssa (Listing) Part 3 of 3

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